Coach Resources

First, thank you so much for contributing your time and attention to our league and youth players!  We hope this is an awesome experience for all involved!

CCSL Volunteer Incentive Program

League Leaders 

Each CCSL Board member will receive free soccer registration for their children for as long as they are serving in a leadership role as defined by the CCSL Board, perform their assigned duties to the best of their ability, and maintain a good standing with the CCSL Board.

Coaching Education Program

1. New coaches will receive reimbursement for their child(ren)’s registration, provided they (1) attend the required league orientation for new coaches and (2) attend a coaching education clinic that is designed for the age group of the players the coach plans to work with.  

2. Continuing coaches can receive reimbursement for their 
child(ren)’s registration, provided they receive certification at the developmental level of their teams and meet the same league requirements of a beginning coach.  New orientation only needs to be completed once; however, subsequent trainings or continuing education may be required. Some coaching courses will be free and offered locally.  Others may require travel and registration costs, which may be supplemented or subsidized at the board’s discretion.  
3. Coaches will not receive reimbursement if they do not fulfill outlined duties, violate the CCSL conduct policy, or if the board receives complaints of the coach based on evidence. Expectations will be outlined clearly in the new coach orientation.  Coaches that do not meet the league’s requirements and / or do not correct behavioral issues with encouragement from league officials will be released from the CCSL coaching pool.
Coaching Certification Levels can be found here.
Please take a look at the different levels of development to see which courses relate to the different age groups. 


We hope to provide you with some resources:

Soccer Coaching for Dummies

Official Rules

Small Sided Games Manual

What does “Small-Sided Games” mean? These are soccer games with fewer players competing on a smaller sized field. These are fun games that involve the players more because fewer players are sharing one ball.

All ages can play “Small Sided Games”, but it has a definite developmental impact on our younger soccer players!

US Youth Soccer Coach Resource Center

Choose game activities!

Please contact Roddy Alt or Jeff Taylor for any guidance or equipment needs.  Their contact information has been provided privately via email.

Thank you!



Required Online Training for New Coaches

Coaches, please take the time to view the following presentation at the beginning of the season.  There are many notes that go along with the slides as well.  Veteran coaches, I am confident that you will find this beneficial as well.  Experienced coaches do well to reflect and review their notes as they refine their practice.  I do this mentally to some degree after every single practice and game, along with looking forward to the challenge of the next time the team is together!  This method can be adapted and used with any age group at any level of play.  Page 16 of the presentation shows part of our resource library, in addition to what is already listed on this page.  You may check out any of the books and DVD’s that are not online from Roddy Alt at Tri-County Early College in Peachtree.  I am eager to help anyone that wants to further develop their coaching abilities through personal consultation and guidance to specific resources that will help them.

The following trainings are PowerPoint presentations and are available in English and Spanish:

CCSL New Coach Orientation

CCSL New Coach Orientation_espanol


Here’s a sampling of the many resources available to you on the US Youth Soccer web site.


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