Results of the First 4v4 U10/12 Pumpkin Cup!

CCSL Academy would like to give a shout out to all of the players who participated in the first 4v4 Pumpkin Cup in Marble on Saturday!  We had around 50 players, 10 teams, 5 fields and the players combined to play in 20, 10 minute games….with each team playing in 4 mini-games.  The games were fast paced and the players came up with their own strategies, captains, and formations.  The players worked hard on warm sunny days and we saw lots of goals and lots of smiles.

Congratulations to all of the players and the Top 3 teams in each division are listed below:

Combined U10/12 Girls and Boys Division

First Place: 3 way tie with the Pecans, Peaches, and Melons; each team had 6 points and a record of 1-0-3

U12 Boys Division

First Place: Acorns with 12 Points and a record of 4-0-0

Second Place: Squash with 9 Points and a record of 3-1-0

Third Place: Hickory Nuts with 6 Points and a record of 2-2-0

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