Please help Katelyn Jones Go On a Once-in-a-lifetime Soccer Trip

Katelyn Jones, one of CCSL’s referees, is trying to raise money for a Spain Soccer  trip with her soccer team in the Summer of 2017. She plays on a competitive team in Alpharetta, Georgia. There are two ways that you can help her go on this trip and further her chances of playing soccer in college.

  1. Katelyn  would like to train younger soccer enthusiasts for $15 per hour or $5 per person for groups of 3 or more. If you are interested in giving your young soccer player some extra coaching and training, call Mike Jones at tel:828-361-0033.
  2. Katelyn has established a GoFundMe Account where you can give towards the cost of her trip. Katelyn Jones GoFundMe

Thanks for helping Katelyn.  She is currently a Junior at Murphy High School and a rising soccer star!

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