In Need of Assistant Registrar for CCSL

Dear Parents,

Our regular league registrar, which is a required position for a soccer league to be affiliated with NCYSA and USYS, became ill prior to the season.  She is taking an indefinite break from her duties until she recovers.

I am reaching out to our parents to see if any of you would be interested in assisting the league with registration?   The process involves checking birth certificates to make sure we are grouping our players properly. This process includes players for recreation, junior academy, and academy.

We have been limping along this season to remain in compliance with the state regulations, but we need a long-term solution.  There is a training class in Greensboro on October 26 and the league will pay for travel expenses involved for the person that goes to the training.  Please reply to Ken Ennis at 828-361-0387 if you are interested and he can get you more details on what all is involved.  If there are two people interested, that’s even better!  Thank you for any help you are able to provide!

(PS–this would be a perfect job also for a grandparent that has a record keeping-organized type of personality and would really like to make a contribution of their time.)

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