1st Week Schedule for CCSL for Fall 2015

Below is the schedule for the first week of games (Saturday, Septermber 12) for the CCSL Fall 2015 season. The remainder of the schedule will be available this week and will be posted to the website and distributed to coaches.

Please note that all U6, U8 and U10 Games will be played this week in Marble.  U12 will be playing in Hayesville.

 U6: 3 Teams playing Round Robin on Field 1

9:00am-9:20am: Blackman vs. Hughes

9:25am-9:45am: Hughes vs. Vaught

9:50am-10:10am: Vaught vs. Blackman

U8: 3 Teams playing Round Robin on Field 1

9:00am-9:25am: Lachance vs. Hall/Ennis

9:30am-9:55am: Hall/Ennis vs. Blackman

10:00am-10:25am: Blackman vs. Lachance


9:00am: Moore 1 vs. Townsend

10:15am: Moore 2 vs. McMillan


10:00am: Laney vs. Clay County @ Hayesville

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