Week Two Schedule: Games in Marble, NC

Please follow the following link to view the schedule for this coming Saturday:

Week 2- Fall Soccer 2014 @ Marble

September is Positive Cheer Month for NCYSA!

Please visit this page for parent education articles on youth soccer, cute videos, and a contest entry related to the NCYSA positive cheer month.  As we begin a new season, there are a few defining points to consider that make the game of soccer unique and greatly affect the way a child can play, learn, and relate to the game.  Hopefully the information below will help all parents, those with players brand new to the game as well as those with many seasons under their belt.

The adult game of soccer is 11 v. 11.  It is a player-centered game that is free-flowing, meaning there are no time outs, whereby players must make their own decisions on the field, using honed technical physical abilities to perform skills with and without the ball, all in limited time and space.  The coach cannot “call in the plays” as in other sports, except for set pieces, which are a very small percentage of the play and controlled by the players anyway.  In 11 v. 11 soccer, there are 4 position types, with each position having multiple functions depending on various factors that are dictated by game situations.

The objective is simple: kick a ball into your opponent’s goal without allowing your opponent to kick the ball into your’s.  I know it looks easy on the FIFA video game or maybe the World Cup.  But the way this happens over 90 minutes is incredibly complex.  The intricate complexity of the 11v11 soccer as it is expressed by different cultures the world over is why soccer is called “the beautiful game.”

So, what does all of this have to do with my child?  The age and developmental level of the child physically, emotionally, and psychologically all play into which elements of the adult game of soccer they can successfully replicate.  As stated so succinctly in the USYS Player Development model handbook,

“Many of the adults organizing youth soccer do not fully grasp the timeline for the development of a soccer player.  Since the majority of soccer players in most communities are children and teenagers they think that soccer is a child’s game when in fact it is an adult game.  Because of this basic misunderstanding they think soccer players are supposed to peak somewhere in the range of 13 to 16 years old.  In fact soccer players peak in their mid-to-late twenties for field players and perhaps the early thirties for goalkeepers.  Indeed, biologically, adolescence ranges from 15 to 23 years of age Soccer players do not peak athletically until they are in their twenties, as well as fully developing their tactical awareness and emotional control.”

It’s you and your child’s business as to how long they will live under your roof, but you will have to wait a good while longer to see them truly “peak” in soccer!  We as adults need to accept and embrace where our children are in their technical, tactical, physical, and psycho-social development and enjoy the process of seeing them learn and improve, realizing that they aren’t mini professional soccer players.  Yes, at U10 and above, they will start doing some pretty cool things with the ball and on the field that replicate the adult game.  This is a tricky time for parents and coaches, especially precocious players, because we can be fooled by what we see, thinking that children are ready for competitive 11 v. 11 soccer when they really have gaps in one or more of the developmental pillars listed above.  Coaches and parents need to be careful not to push too much too fast at these crucial ages.

So, as we embark on a new season, relish the ride with your child, exercising your own “emotional control” as an adult, just like the players must do on the field.  Players should never be climbed or criticized by coaches or parents for how they play or don’t play, remembering that we can’t expect a child to do a thing on the field that he’s not been taught to do or he’s not ready developmentally to do.  Coached, encouraged, mentored?  Yes!  Belittled?  Absolutely not!   Remember that playing soccer is much more difficult than it looks and that your child is really doing her best 99% of the time.  Parents, thank you for providing an opportunity for your child to PLAY soccer, as I am convinced that the benefits for children go far beyond the game.  Thanks for reading and have a great season!

Roddy Alt, CCSL Academy Director

First Week Schedule is Ready!

Please see the Week 1- Fall Soccer 2014  The spreadsheet is sorted by age group, time, and field location.  The remaining weeks are nearly ready and will be released this coming week based on any slight adjustments that may need to be made after this first week of play.  Based on the latest information from our uniform supplier, it does not look like uniforms will arrive in time for this first game.  Please notice a WH or BLK beside your team name, indicating the suggested color of shirt for your team.

Many thanks from CCSL as we launch into another soccer season!  

Monies from our admissions and concessions go toward paying for on site needs such as field maintenance, portajons, line paint, nets, goals, referee fees, and other misc. expenditures.  These donations allow us to provide more to our players, while keeping our registration costs from rising.  We are grateful for all of our parental support!  We have broken down suggested donations for concessions by age group again this season.  Please take these items to the concession stand during the first couple weeks of the season as you are able.


U-5 and U-6 teams                          small individual bags of chips


U-8 and U-10 teams                        individual snacks like Little Debbies, Rice Crispy treats, Crackers, Cheezits, ring pops


U-12 and U-15 teams                     case of small/medium bottled Gatorade

First Game Moved to September 13

Good Morning CCSL Members,  for several reasons, the board has decided to move the date of the first game to September 13.  The last play date of the season will be November 01.  Coaches are in the process of contacting you and holding their first practices.  We are working on the schedule and it will be published when it is ready.  Thank you for your patience as we get the behind the scenes work done to ensure a successful start to the season.

Meeting Still On….

Folks, we are still on for tonight, despite damp fields.  If there is a shower or so, we’ll work through it.  See everyone at the fields!

Monday Meeting Reminder and Revised Schedule

Hello parents and coaches. This message is a reminder of the upcoming meeting this Monday night.  The Tuesday meeting and coaching course has been cancelled due to low participant numbers; however, coaching  education will still be offered Monday night.

The meeting is required for all CCSL coaches and is encouraged for any association members (parents) that might be interested in learning to coach or help out with the league in any way.  We will be distrubuting rosters, going over the new volunteer policy, as well as handling other season logistics.   We are excited to see everyone there!

Monday, August 18, 6:00 PM @ Marble Soccer Fields


Youth I & II Courses and Coaches Meeting

There will be a required meeting for all CCSL coaches, both new and returning coaches.  We will be giving out important information about the new coaching incentive policy as well as equipment and other goodies!  There will be 2 sessions offered of the same meeting.  You only need to attend 1 session.

The meeting will coincide with the Youth I & II Courses which will be held August 18-19, 6-8 PM at the Marble fields.  If you have not taken these coaching courses, I encourage you to attend both of them.  The registration link can be found here.  IMPORTANT…there are two steps for completion: please complete the online portion prior to the class as well as register for the field portion.


Monday August 18, Youth I Course, 6-8 PM in Marble

Monday August 18, CCSL Coaches Meeting, 8 PM in Marble

Tuesday August 19, CCSL Coaches Meeting, 5 PM in Marble

Tuesday August 19, Youth II Course, 6-8 PM in Marble


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