League Code of Conduct and Online Orientation for Coaches

Parents, Players, & Coaches, please take a few moments to read over our league code of conduct, which can be found below.  NCYSA President, Keith Price, recently wrote a letter to all member associations reiterating the importance of sportsmanship in youth soccer.  By abiding by our code, the children are the ones who benefit by our positive behavior in practices and on the sidelines during games.  We also show exemplar behavior to our neighboring and visiting associations.  Coaches, please go over this with your parents sometime before the first game and direct any questions to league officials.

CCSL League Code of Conduct  (required reading)

Parents & Coaches, please vote in the poll below.

Keith Price Sportsmanship Letter (optional reading)

Coaches, I have also added an online orientation training for you in the coaching resources page to view as we get ready to start the season.  This is required for new coaches.  Thank you for your time and commitment!

Spring Clinic at Young Harris College

Dear Parents,

The CCSL Youth Academy and Young Harris College men’s soccer program have teamed up to coordinate a spring clinic for 9-12 year olds on Saturday morning, April 19.  The cost is $10 per player and proceeds will go toward the Make a Wish Foundation.  This is a great chance for our children to visit a college campus and to learn from college players!  Youth players are being invited from WNC and NE Ga.  Please view the following flyer for details:  make a wish_YHC_spring_festival

Coaching Resources

One of the most difficult things for younger players to grasp is corner kick vs. goal kick.  Here are two videos for your kids to watch.  The gentleman explaining speaks a bit slowly, but it’s perfect for the kids!

Goal Kick (please note that in small sided games, we play u8 4 v 4 with no goalie!)

Corner Kick

Coaches and players, we will continue to add coaching resources to the Coach Resources page here on the CCSL blog!

We also have the rules for each age group listed in the page for each age group here on the blog.  Parents and coaches, take a moment to review this with your players!  

U5         U6         U8         U10         U12         U15

Spring 2014 Season

As coaches confirm practice information, I will update the blog.  We were informed of a few players that were inadvertently put into the wrong age group.  Please note that these have been corrected.

CCSL is seeking team sponsors in order to have more funds to improve facilities and purchase new equipment for coaches.  Please consider this opportunity to support our league and players.

Oberg u5

P. Oberg

J. Gregoraniko

A. Hamilton

L. Cotten

J. Pawloski

P. Garrett

I. Derreberry


Corie Pierce u5 Invision Stone

navy/white  Tues @ Konehete Park 5:00-6:00

B. Pierce

A. Catuto

C. Hughes

L Munz

I. Smith

A. Cales

C. Meyer


Matthew White u5

silver  Mon @ Konehete Park 5:00-6:00

A White

M. Laney

K. White

C. DeJesus

AC Lachance

H. Virtanen

E. Pinkerton


Christa Kelley u5 Roger Gibson Clerk of Court

aqua Thursday @ Konehete Park 5:30-6:30

K. Dockery

J. Cook

C. Dockery

A. Beasley

C. Marrero

A. Cochran

H. Roberts


Amy Meiners u5

royal blue/ white  Thursday @ Murphy 5:30

E. Meiners

K. Smith

A. Derrebery

B. Cochran

E. Diaz-Menchu

A. Martin

K. Stiles


Paula Hall u5

S. Jimenez

J. Hall

L. Ennis

Z. Hosed

A. Dockery

D. Ashe

L. Ashe


Becca McNabb u5 Kindermusik with Mrs. Kate

red Thursday @ 5:30

V. McNabb

S. Rogers

C. McNabb

A. McCreary

M. Allison

G. Hall


Lawrence McNabb u6  McNabb Properties

forest green Monday @ 5:30

L. McNabb

S. Crubaugh

C. Crubaugh

J. Bui

K. Brady

M. Dockery


Tim Lescalleet u6 PSMA Connect

F. Lescalleet

S. Lewis

K. Ochoa

K. Sams

J. Killian

J Durham


Israel Blackman two u6 teams

gold/ black Wednesday @ Marble 4:00-5:00

P. Blackman

O. Salinas

J. Holland

S. Orr

G. McNeilly

K. Mashburn

P Brothers

B. Helton

M. Crapse


Kiwi Swint u6 Duncan Heating & Air

lime green Monday @ Konehete Park 6:00-7:00

M. Swint

B. Smith

M. Helton

B. Dockery

N. Chadwick

J. Gordon


Tom Beasley and Scott Sutton u6  Montgomery Lodge #426

aqua Thursday @ Konehete Park 6:00-7:00

A Beasley

E Sutton

A Bonilla

D Cochran

D Cutshaw

P Johnson


Tyler Brownlee u6

N Stalcup

E Dockery

H Hope

C Breazeale

E Gibby

A Gilbert

L Holland


Jason Hall u8   Nantahala Talc & Limestone

J. Hall

Z. Williams

H. White

M. Haines

G. Burch

E. Trigueros

I. Desjardins

D. Hinton


Chuck West u8  Rick’s RV

Friday @ Marble 4:30-5:30

S. Forbes

B. McMillan

H West

T West

N. Sams

B. Helton

Z. Prescott

T. Reed


Will Debty u8  

white  Monday @ Konehete Park 5:00-6:00

C. Johnson

A. Johnson

G. Chastain

C. Twiggs

A. Margadona

C. Smith

A. Adams

S. Karageanes


Tammy Fleischer u8  Eric Sneed King Ford

kelly/white Friday @ Marble 4:30-5:30

A Fleischer

C. Geer

M. Gilbert

M. Munz

E. Smith

G. Sneed

C. Phillips

E. Ledford


Mark Townsend u8  Comfort Keepers


Z Townsend

B. Luther

E Gebel

A Derreberry

J. Evans

O Ochoa

E. McKinney

C. Smith


Todd Goins u8  Chunky Gal Stables

royal/ white

E Goins

N Johnson

C Fuller

E Joseph

D. Roberts

C Narkawicz

S Wilson

C Hill


Jose Solis – Rafael Medina u8  Monte Alban in Andrews

aqua Thursday @ Marble 5:00-6:00

A Medina

T Dockery

J Hernandez

J Jimenez

M Marrero

A Cochran

R Cochran

A Bristol


Todd Fernandez u10


C. McKnight

B Totherow

M. Samten

F. Burgess

N. Howe

B. Rogers

T. Shearouse

S. Sudderth

G. Baerreis


Long Le u10

black  Thursday & Friday @ Konehete Park 5:00-6:00

N. Le

B. McNabb

T. Mickens

C. Albright

W. Simmons

M. Simmons

J. Johnson

T. Owen

B. Miles

E. Munz


John Fleischer u10  Wells & West

royal/ white  Monday & Friday @ Marble 5:15-6:15

A Fleischer

X. Allman

C. Cote

W. Sumpter

M. Grove

B. Eller

MK West

J Henry

A. Hall

C. Grooms


Eric Drew u10  Appalachian Community Services

C. Drew

W Rayburn

K. Williams

A. Crisp

M. Ramirez

D. Holloway

S. Ochoa

A. Cartageua


Alicia Adamovich u12

columbia blue/ navy

H. Harris

K. Smith

J. Alexander

A. Zaleski

C. Shearouse

B. Dickey

H. Chastain

D. Samten


Shane Moore u12  MOOG

red/ white  Monday & Thursday @ 6:00-7:00

A Moore

M. Samten

A Steele

K. Parker

C Parker

A. Jones

W. Slucher

M. Wheaton


Jeff Taylor u12

A. Taylor

B. Taylor

S. Bolyard

M. Leistra

G. Goins

K. Lewis

J. Lewis


J. Lescalleet
  PSMA Connect

A Bobo

Tim Lescalleet u12

M. Jimenez

J. Martinez

D. Soto

D. Soto

R. Medina

B. Velasquez

L. Ramirez

A. Cartagena

C. Rich

A. Parker


Jeff Taylor u15  MOOG

A. Reeves

Z. Beaster

F. Garcia

A. Garcia

J. Ponce

D. Soto

N. Lescalleet

J. Aguilar-Castro

S. Lipes

M. Taylor

K. Diaz-Menchu

J. Morales

B. Garcia

A. Davis

A Goins

C. Goins


Eric Drew u15

M. Alesch

T. Lachance

K. Laney

T. Ross

K. Wheaton

J. Alexander

R. Alexander

A. Rogers

R. Watts

G. Harris

C. Kelley

T. Cook

E. Lanphere

A. Hall

E. Rogers

E. Hamiliton

Spring Season

Upon trying to get the last of the coaches confirmed, we realized that the online registrations had some incorrect information.  To say that adjusting all of this has been frustrating would be an understatement!

Between the weather postponing the registration and the growing pains of an amazing turnout for this season, our Board appreciates your patience!!  Please know that, while we are a board of volunteers who loves to accommodate and nurture our players and families, we also rely on volunteers.

We realize many parents may not have a soccer background, but we have amazing resources and coordinators who can help to make it a productive season for our players.  Finding coaches has been a huge delay in finalizing teams this year!

Another issue we have had this year is incorrect information on registration forms.  Birthdate MUST be accurate!  We realize people want to just fill out the form and be finished, but rearranging teams is a time intensive and frustrating process for our volunteers.  Carpool or sibling requests are honored IF they are on the registration form.  Again, this is difficult to adjust teams and leads to frustration for players and families who end up being switched from a team as a result.  Please provide as much information in the comment/carpool section as possible.  This is a huge help in assigning teams!

Rosters will be posted this evening and you will be hearing from coaches so all teams can begin practicing next week.  Our first scheduled game for Spring is the first Saturday after Spring Break.  Mark your calendars for April 26th.  A full schedule will be delivered in sufficient time to plan your weekends.

Registration Form to mail

If you can’t make it to the Library this Saturday and don’t wish to register online, please mail your application.

Print your Spring Registration Form by clicking this link and mail with a check payable to: CCSL.


PO Box 409

Marble, NC  28905

Please know we will not accept registrations received after March 10th.

Our Board President will check the PO Box Monday March 10th prior to our Board Meeting that evening.  Teams and coaches will be assigned that evening and no late players will be added!  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Business Sponsors

Thank you so much for your willingness to support our players and league financially!

Please print a copy of the Soccer Sponsorship Form and mail with payment.

With gratitude,

Cherokee County Soccer League


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